Yes! In 2017 on National Geographic Channel!

See the film crew’s adventures along the way of making the awareness documentary “Saving Infinity”.


When we were planning our film expedition to the jungle of Guatemala together with Ateles Film, we received, as usual, a lot of comments from people saying: “That sounds like a great adventure, can I carry your tripod?”, “Need a camera assistant?” or “I am a great cook, can I come?”. There is an attraction to adventure in most of us. Maybe we are looking for new stimuli that takes us out of the ordinary day to day life. Something that makes us feel alive. Something we call adventure.

I do get the feeling though that the grass is always greener on the other side. Maybe many people romanticize the aspect of adventure. I know I always do. The real experience however was not green and romantic at all. To us adventure is…

“Adventure is removing 21 ticks in 3 days of jungle trekking”

Struggling towards the destination

Being soaked in mud and sweat, feeling sticky, prickly and itchy the most part of the extremely hot and humid day. Adventure is dozens of mosquitos annoyingly flying around your ears and catching their blood thirsty opportunities every time you are frozen and focused to make your shot. Yellow flies, cutting bleeding holes in your skin, so they can lick it up to quench their thirst on your blood. Adventure is removing 21 ticks in 3 days of jungle trekking, uphill, downhill down slippery slopes cutting your way through extremely dense vegetation, poisonous plants, deadly trees, vines covered with 2 inch needles hanging in front of your face which you just noticed in time. Adventure is spiders, scorpions, deadly snakes, peccaries, mites, parasites, army ants, tripping, scratching, bites and stings.

Spidermonkey with baby

I am not sure if I had this in mind before I went on this expedition. Although now we know what adventure is and with what kind of hardship it comes, we may ask ourselves: “Why the hell do we put ourselves through this?” Well the answer is easy; the images shot in such hard environments are simply amazing and unique! The sole goal is to return to our relatively luxurious homes with images to die for. That is what makes it all worth it. And…it does make you feel alive 🙂